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About Us.

 Grapple with Passion, Strike with Determination.

Impact Fitness Academy empowers lives through the art of Wrestling and other martial arts. Our programs are tailored to both adults and children, instil martial arts principles that foster strength, character, discipline, and focus. Our students emerge as confident and self-reliant leaders within their communities.


We're committed to guiding each of our students towards their highest potential.

Every student discovers their true potential as we guide them towards self-improvement through martial arts. 

We cultivate discipline, develop leadership skills, shape character, and sharpen focus.  

Our curriculum emphasizes self-reliance, self-confidence and self-discipline.


All our coaches, staff and volunteers are DBS Checked, safeguarding trained, First Aid Qualified.


We are affiliated with British Wrestling and England Boxing.

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Meet The Team.

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Coach Farid Founder & Head Coach

The driving force behind Impact Fitness Academy, is more than just a coach.


His personal journey is a testament to the incredible impact these sports can have on an individual's life.

Coach Farid began his journey in the world of wrestling and MMA at a pivotal point in his life. Faced with challenges and seeking positive change, he discovered the discipline, strength, and resilience that these sports instil.


Through dedication and hard work, Coach Farid not only transformed himself physically but also experienced a profound shift in mindset and character.

Driven by his own life-changing experience, Coach Farid has dedicated his life to educating people about the holistic benefits of wrestling and MMA.


He firmly believes that these sports extend beyond physical fitness, offering invaluable lessons in discipline, perseverance, and mental fortitude.

  • BA Degree in Sports Coaching and sports development

  • British Wrestling Coach

  • United World Wrestling Coach

  • England Boxing Coach

  • British Weight Lifters Certificate

  • MMA Fitness Instructor

  • Qualified Personal Trainer

  • Counselling Diploma

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Coach AtiqAssistant Coach

Under the guidance of Coach Farid, Coach Atiq has gained valuable experience in Freestyle Wrestling and MMA which has allowed him to excel and achieve gold medals in the British NoGi submission tournament and amongst others.

“I started wrestling with the initial goal of keeping fit and learning some basic self defence moves. I quickly found that there were disciplines from wrestling that were helping elsewhere, developing transferrable skills in other aspects of my life. Impact has allowed me to practice and develop my skills while enjoying it in the process and through this practice I'm able deliver valuable through my level 2 coaching qualification.”

  • British Wrestling Coach

  • England Boxing Coach

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Coach HaniyahAssistant Coach

Coach Haniyah is the first Muslim female wrestling coach ever in the UK. She has always had a passion for sports.


Wrestling is a sport that has become a big part of Haniyah’s life.


She is passionate to increase female inclusion in wrestling, running female only classes to entice a wider community and empowerment.

Haniyah’s journey began as a volunteer, contributing to the academy. An interest in the sport arose she quickly became a valuable member of the team.

“Wrestling has opened up a world of opportunities for myself and will create a legacy that affects generations to come. With the support from the team at Impact, we can make a positive influence in the world of wrestling and make it inclusive as it was for me.”

  • British Wrestling Coach


Sahara MohammedClub Manager

Sahara brings a wealth of experience and deep passion for the sport of wrestling. She is the driving force behind the club and all its values.

Beyond the confinements of the club, she is deeply involved in promoting female wrestling at local and national levels through her appointed position at British Wrestling, as the Legacy Officer.

Working for British Wrestling Association she has increased her understanding of female wrestling and support engagement in wider communities.


Since June 2019, she has driven the Midlands Region forward by establishing better networking and organising through regional competitions as the midlands chair.

“My journey with Impact Fitness Academy has inspired me to develop the sport of wrestling by working with key stakeholders such as Sport England and British Wrestling.

This has given me the opportunity to promote the sport of wrestling for under represented communities which has allowed them to grow and develop within the sport.”

  • British Wrestling Coach

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